Bike Week Application Tips

With the due date for Bike Week grant submissions fast approaching, here are the top 10 tips to increase your chances of your Bike Week grant being successful.

1. Answer all of the questions

This is an obvious one, but missing some details in your answers can prevent submissions being successful. The grants are assessed using a scoring matrix on how well each of your answers meet the Bike Week objectives (see the Grant Guidelines).

2. Tell us everything and go into detail

To be fair to all applicants, our assessment is based on your answers regardless if your organisation has been running the event for many years, so please describe your event and in particular how your event meets the Bike Week objectives (see the Grant Guidelines).

3. Demonstrate value for money

With over 60 applications received last year and only $30,000, we are looking for the best value for money, so collaboration is key. In particular applicants that can demonstrate a co-contribution of funds, either directly from the applicant or from partnering business or organisations, will be highly considered. Please separate in-kind costs and cash components.

4. Promotion and publicity is important

The more people that are aware of your event, the more likely it will be a success. Think about cost-efficient ways to promote your event that targets the people you are trying to attract to your event. Consider this cost as part of your grant request. See our Marketing and Publicity page.

5. Demonstrate that you have a well thought out plan for your event

For example, do you know how to apply for the relevant approvals from your local Council, have you considered what you will need in the event of an emergency etc.?

6. Estimate and itemise the costs of the services or items you are requesting funding for

This will allow us to offer you a grant in the event we cannot give you 100 per cent of what you have requested.

7. Prioritise your funding request

Bike Week grants are very competitive, so only ask for funds that are critical for the event to be a success. While we would love to give everyone money for merchandise, equipment and gift vouchers, it is unlikely to be funded if it has not been demonstrated to be critical to the event.

8. Be creative

We looking for a diverse range of events to create a buzz during Bike Week. You may have also noticed that 2018 Bike Week has broaden its objectives to include all types of cycling, not just transport cycling. We want to see more people given the opportunity to experience all different types of cycling; on road, path, trail or track.

9. Address the Bike Week grant criteria as much as you can!!!

Checkout the Bike Week Grant Guidelines for the full Bike Week Aims and Bike Week Grant Criteria.

10. If you’re still not sure, give us a call or email before you submit

Contact us via phone at 6336 9688 or