Promoting your Bike Week event

Register your event

Have you registered your event? Having all the events in one place on our website, helps us promote your event and helps the public find other events they might like to attend.

Even if you weren’t a Bike Week grant recipient, you still have time to register your event on our website HERE 


Once you have registered on the Bike Week website, we will use that information to create a Facebook event on the Bike Week Facebook page. To make best use of this:

  • Share the event to your networks (such as your local government, local bike clubs, bike shops etc).
  • Post any updates and important information about your event
  • Respond to any questions
  • Post teasers or reminders in the lead-up to your event including on the morning of your event (e.g. “coffee is almost ready for this years Bike Week Breakfast, see you at 7am”)

Check out Bike Week’s Facebook page and the events that have already registered HERE


Instagram can be a powerful promotion tool. If you would like us to post a promotional image of your event on instagram, either tag @BikeWeekWA from your instagram account or send us an email with a photo you’d like us to post to

Check out Bike Week’s instagram channel HERE

Print promotion

While social media is a great tool, sometimes old-fashioned flyers and posters can still be important to promote your event. Having posters in strategic areas will help promotion to the people most likely to attend your event. Why not drop flyers or posters in places where cyclists like to frequent, such as:

  • Your local bike shop
  • Local cafe that is popular with cyclists
  • The local park or bike rack

You can find your local bike shop HERE

Don’t be afraid to distribute posters to community groups, local government organisations and local bike clubs. These will be important networks for you to make your Bike Week event in future years.

Local Newspapers

This year we will sending media releases to your local media outlets informing them of Bike Week events in the different local areas. Another reason to get your Bike Week event submitted into the calendar as soon as you can.

If you have an interesting story that you will think will help promote your event and Bike Week, please let us know and we can help coordinate to ensure that the message get out into the community. 

Some examples of stories include:

  • Profile on someone who has recently learned to ride a bike and is now loving it
  • Profile on a rider who has been actively riding or commuting for a long time which has encouraged others to follow
  • If it is a school or children’s event, how children are getting on a bike and keeping active, fit and healthy
  • Interesting story on some of the features at your event

Please email

Promote Bike Week

By including the Bike Week website in all of your promotional material helps cross-promote and makes sure that all of the events are well attended and a great success.

Consider ending your promotions with the Bike Week website e.g. “For more information about Bike Week, please visit

Registering your event on the Bike Week Calendar

Organising an event for Bike Week 2018? The Bike Week Calendar on the Bike Week website is the best tool to share and promote your event and is open to all bike events that fall during Bike Week. Not only will this create your own Bike Week event page, but we will also use this information to create a Bike Week Facebook event page for your event and in media releases promoting Bike Week. So it is important that you register your event!

You can register your event on the Bike Week website HERE. Go to the link and complete the form.

The following is a step-by-step guide to registering your event on the Bike Week website.

1. Contact Information: Contact details are important for when people want to find out more about your event. While we encourage you to engage with your participants through your Bike Week Facebook event page, there may be some people that don’t use Facebook and would like further information

2. Event Information This is the key information that will be displayed on the Bike Week calendar. Try and keep the title length to around six words and make it short and concise.  Please note that ‘Date of Event’ must be in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 16/03/2018. When entering the time of event, please write it in the “10.00am to 1.00pm” format to make it easy to read. If the event runs over multiple days and multiple times please write it in the Description of the Event section

3. Location of Event and Event Marker Location. When you get to the location and map, type your event’s address and press “search”. Once the search has found your event’s location, you will need to confirm this by clicking on the location so that a red marker appears, (see image one). The form also has a tab for additional location notes, in case you need to provide specific details on how to find or enter your event.

Image 1: Event Marker Location Map

4. Description of the Event. When entering the description of your event, keep it to less than 100 words. Try and keep the most important information in the first 30 words such as  the type of the event and what is happening (see image 2 and 3). Make your description short and succinct to provide all the important information and to get people excited for your event.


Image 2: Example Bike Week Calendar Tile (left) on mouse hover (right)

Image 3: Example Bike Week Event Page

5. Event Website or Event Facebook Page.  While we will provide you with a page on the Bike Week website and a Facebook event page on the Bike Week Facebook page, you are still welcome to use your own if your prefer.

6. Event Image The Bike Week calendar requires an image to create your event tile. Avoid predominantly white background images as the text on the calendar tile is white and will be difficult to see (see image 2) The minimum image size is 800×800 pixels and the photo must be no larger than two megabytes. You can use free internet tools such as Canva to create images in the correct sizing. This will allow you to match the photo with the website requirements, and create your own graphics.

7. Event Keyword. This is for search engine optimisation. We have provided you with some keywords, but feel free to add more if you wish. Please make sure you separate each keyword with a comma.

Once you have submitted your event, we will get a notification and review it. We will then put it on the website and create your Facebook event page. When we have set up your Bike Week Facebook event page, please let us know your Facebook account so we can make you a co-host so you can answer any questions from potential event-goers.

Look out for other tips to make your Bike Week event a success.

36 Bike Week events awarded $30,000 in grants

Congrats to the following organisations who have been awarded a Bike Week 2018 grant.


  • City of Belmont
  • City of Canning
  • City of Fremantle
  • City of Gosnells
  • City of Joondalup
  • City of Melville
  • City of Rockingham
  • City of Subiaco
  • Cycling Without Age – WA, Inc.
  • Fremantle Primary School P&C
  • Murdoch University
  • The Girls’ Brigade WA
  • Town of Cambridge
  • Town of East Fremantle
  • Town of Mosman Park


  • Broome Tri Sports Association
  • Burrup Mountain Bike Club
  • City of Busselton
  • Corrigin Community Resource Centre
  • Denmark Mountain Bike Club
  • Kondinin Community Resource Centre
  • Mandurah Over 55 Cycle Club
  • Marble Bar Community Resource Centre Inc
  • Margaret River Primary School P&C
  • North Tom Price Primary School Parents and Citizens’ Association
  • Quairading Community Resource Centre Inc
  • Rebound WA
  • Shire of Boddington
  • Shire of Dalwallinu
  • Shire of East Pilbara
  • Shire of Morawa
  • Shire of Plantagenet
  • South Newman Primary School P&C Association
  • South Stirling P&C
  • Spokes Cycling Club
  • Wyalkatchem Community Resource Centre Incorporated

Bike Week Application Tips

With the due date for Bike Week grant submissions fast approaching, here are the top 10 tips to increase your chances of your Bike Week grant being successful.

1. Answer all of the questions

This is an obvious one, but missing some details in your answers can prevent submissions being successful. The grants are assessed using a scoring matrix on how well each of your answers meet the Bike Week objectives (see the Grant Guidelines).

2. Tell us everything and go into detail

To be fair to all applicants, our assessment is based on your answers regardless if your organisation has been running the event for many years, so please describe your event and in particular how your event meets the Bike Week objectives (see the Grant Guidelines).

3. Demonstrate value for money

With over 60 applications received last year and only $30,000, we are looking for the best value for money, so collaboration is key. In particular applicants that can demonstrate a co-contribution of funds, either directly from the applicant or from partnering business or organisations, will be highly considered. Please separate in-kind costs and cash components.

4. Promotion and publicity is important

The more people that are aware of your event, the more likely it will be a success. Think about cost-efficient ways to promote your event that targets the people you are trying to attract to your event. Consider this cost as part of your grant request. See our Marketing and Publicity page.

5. Demonstrate that you have a well thought out plan for your event

For example, do you know how to apply for the relevant approvals from your local Council, have you considered what you will need in the event of an emergency etc.?

6. Estimate and itemise the costs of the services or items you are requesting funding for

This will allow us to offer you a grant in the event we cannot give you 100 per cent of what you have requested.

7. Prioritise your funding request

Bike Week grants are very competitive, so only ask for funds that are critical for the event to be a success. While we would love to give everyone money for merchandise, equipment and gift vouchers, it is unlikely to be funded if it has not been demonstrated to be critical to the event.

8. Be creative

We looking for a diverse range of events to create a buzz during Bike Week. You may have also noticed that 2018 Bike Week has broaden its objectives to include all types of cycling, not just transport cycling. We want to see more people given the opportunity to experience all different types of cycling; on road, path, trail or track.

9. Address the Bike Week grant criteria as much as you can!!!

Checkout the Bike Week Grant Guidelines for the full Bike Week Aims and Bike Week Grant Criteria.

10. If you’re still not sure, give us a call or email before you submit

Contact us via phone at 6336 9688 or

2017 Bikeley Award Winners!

The Department of Transport and WestCycle are delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 Bikeley Awards:

Major Bikeley Award

The Bike Week event that best promotes and celebrates cycling for transport and attracts new riders to the cycling community

City of Joondalup – Bike Dr. Event

Regional Bikeley Award

The regional Bike Week event that best promotes and celebrates cycling for transport and attracts new riders to the cycling community

Kondinin Community Resource Centre – Tour de Kondinin

Collaboration Award

The Bike Week event that best works with community groups and other organisations to share and communicate the cycling for transport message

South Metropolitan Health Services – Peel Region Bike Week

Promotion Award

Rewards excellent promotion and marketing strategies that engage and encourage participation in Bike Week events

Gelo Company – Famous Sharron’s ‘Going Round’ Music Video Clip

People’s Choice Award

The Bike Week event that the most participants nominate as the best event at Bike Week

City of Joondalup – Bike Dr. Event

The Bikeley Awards recognise outstanding achievements by Bike Week event organisers. Bike Week events are assessed on a number of criteria including: how the event met Bike Week objectives, the level of community engagement, the number of attendees and participant feedback.

Over 100 events took place during Bike Week 2017. The success of the campaign is testament to the hard work, passion and enthusiasm of everyone who helped organise or took part in a Bike Week event.

Congratulations to all the winners!

What’s happening during Bike Week?

What a whirlwind week it’s been so far! We hope that everyone has been busy pedaling and joining in lots of fun bike related activities. Thankfully there is still plenty more to come this weekend.

So far some of the highlights for the WestCycle Team have been the City of Vincent Bike Breakfast, the Giro d’Perth and the Munda Biddi R.I.D.E. events.

There was a great turn out for the City of Vincent’s Bike Breakfast at Axford Park Reserve on Wednesday morning. It was well attended by a variety of people talking about all things bike over a BBQ breakfast. Pedaling Beans were there making sure everyone got their freshly ground coffee to start the morning and the Bike Dr. busy doing on the spot bike checks. We thought it was the best way to start our Wednesday morning.


The Giro d’Perth was back again for it’s fifth year! It was great to see so many families and groups in attendance. It truly is a back lane odyssey, we discovered alleyways and landmarks in our own neighbourhood that we didn’t even know were there. It was fantastic to see everyone dressed up for the event, there was some absolutely cracker costumes including ‘Team Trump’ and team ‘Where’s Wally’. It was a fantastic day for the whole family.


The Munda Biddi R.I.D.E (Realise, inspire, dream and experience) event was a fantastic evening. We were very excited to see a full house of people keen to be inspired and learn more about the Trail. It was a very informative evening with 4 guest speakers sharing their unique knowledge of the Munda Biddi Trail. It was a fun and informative evening for everyone involved and held at a great venue at Wembley Cycles.


This weekend the festivities continue. Some of the events we are really looking forward to are City of Melville’s Let’s Glow Riding, Baysie Loves Bikes, the Ride-In Cinema and Fremantle Story Ride in Fremantle. So get on your bike this weekend and check out everything Bike Week has to offer!

Have a browse through our Event Calendar, you are guaranteed to find an event for you.

Tell us your thoughts and win!

Help us make Bike Week even bigger and better by filling out the Participant’s Survey. We’d love to learn more about your Bike Week experience to assist us with planning and promotion for future Bike Weeks. The feedback is also used to determine the winners of Department of Transport’s Bikeley Awards.

To say thank you for your feedback, survey participants go in to the draw to win 1 of 10 Bicycling Western Australia or Cycling Australia Memberships!*

Attended more than one Bike Week event? Please fill out a separate survey for each event to help us obtain the best results for each event organiser.

*Limited to one entry per person.

The survey will close at 5pm on 31 March 2017.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Winners of the Bike Week survey will be drawn at random and contacted by email on Monday 1st May 2017.
  2. Winners will be drawn from completed survey responses
  3. Winners have the choice of a Cycling Australia Ride + individual membership or a Bicycling Western Australia individual membership
  4. Existing members of Cycling Australia or Bicycling Western Australia have the option of: i) upgrading to a family membership or ii) transferring the membership to a friend

Bike Citizens: Bike Week in your pocket

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Bike Citizens for Bike Week 2017. Bike Citizens smart phone app is the ideal companion for bike riders. The app is designed specifically for cyclists in cities, favouring cycle paths over main roads. Bike Citizens have mapped cities all around the world and the app helps riders find the best routes to make cycling event more convenient.

To celebrate Bike Week 2017, riders will have access to the Perth maps and other features of the app for free for the whole month of March (normally $6.90), features include:

  • Heat Mapping: this depicts the cycle traffic of a city over a given period of time. The more people riding their bikes and recording their trip with the Bike Citizens app, the greater the heat map spreads. Heat mapping is a fantastic medium to demonstrate the power of bike riding and its popularity in Western Australia.
  • #5minutesbybike: Have you ever wondered what you can achieve in just 5 minutes? Bike Citizens have taken this notion and put it into motion. With the #5minutesbybike feature you can see how far you can ride in 5, 10, 15 or even 30 minutes. This mini feature demonstrates how effective and convenient cycling is, particularly in dense areas like the Perth CBD.
  • Navigation: select a destination and the Bike Citizens app chooses the safest and fastest route to get you to your destination, you can explore your city and discover nooks you’ve never visited. Offline and with voice guidance.
  • Route Planning: you can plan your route as well online on your desktop and send it to your app on your smart phone.

Download the Bike Citizens app now via iTunes or Google Play. By recording all of your trips during Bike Week you can help demonstrate just how many people ride in our fantastic city!

BC-Finndrin-Postkarte - back

Not all heroes wear a cape, some ride a bike

Bike Week, WA’s annual celebration of riding for transport, is just around the corner. Join in the fun from Friday 17th March until Sunday 26th March as Western Australia celebrates the best of getting around on two wheels with over 40 events throughout the State.

Bike Week events, supported by the Department of Transport’s grant program, provide a fantastic opportunity for community groups, local governments and universities across regional and metropolitan Western Australia to promote the health and transport benefits of bike riding to everyone in the community. Bike Week offers something for everyone – from casual bike riders and commuters – to children, families and everyone in-between.

Someone who is far from in-between is local comedian and performer Famous Sharron.
Famous Sharron or ‘Shaz’, who is very famous for absolutely nothing at all, has penned a song that highlights the fun of riding a bike. Shaz sees Bike Week as a great opportunity to celebrate all bicycle riders, from mums, dads and families on short trips, through to the converted who ride every day.

Famous Sharron isn’t your typical bike rider and that’s why she is the perfect Bike Week ambassador. Her quirky performance, wit and humor are the perfect tool kit to change perceptions and behavior to get more people in Western Australia onto a bicycle.

“Like most Australians I started riding in my home street, as a toddler on a tricycle. I had my training wheels for a year longer than the other kids, and I kept the pink streamers on my bike for an extra decade. I still ride a bit like a toddler – very slowly and wanting everyone to look at me” says Famous Sharron.

Bike Week also shines a light on everyday bike riding heroes. There are so many great characters in the community who are giving riding a go, including Naomi Cutt, who rides twice a day while also being seven months pregnant.

“I’ve been riding for three years, it gives me more freedom than public transport as I don’t have to wait for a scheduled bus, plus I get to see lots of the outdoors. I ride twice a day, five times a week and just love being on my bike. I’m really looking forward to seeing lots of cyclists out during Bike Week and the free breakfasts are always great” said Ms Cutt.

Famous Sharron and everyday bike riding heroes like Naomi Cutt show anyone can ride a bike and experience the joys of cycling in Western Australia.

Famous Sharron has today released her new Bike Week song ‘Going Round’ which is sure to be a massive hit. Check it out here.

For a full list of all the great events taking place check out the Event Calendar.

End of trip facilities with all the frills

If you ride to work then you probably have three basic requirements: somewhere secure to park your bike, a place to store your belongings and access to a shower.

You might think anything extra is just a nice bonus, but a real change is happening and end-of-trip facilities with all the frills are now all the rage.

Recognising the benefits of encouraging staff to use active transport and the growing number of people who are choosing to ride, more and more workplaces are providing VIP-style end-of-trip facilities to make commuting by bike an even better experience.

The evidence shows that the bigger and better an end-of trip facility is, the more people will choose to ride to work.

So what makes a VIP end-of-trip facility? Let’s take a look:

  • LOCATION: The facility should be close to the workplace with the bike parking, lockers and showers all in the same place. No one wants to walk a long way in bike shoes or sneak through the office in a towel after a shower.
  • WAYFINDING: People need to be able to find the facility easily, from both outside and inside the building. Signs, floor markings and directional arrows can help show the way.
  • GOOD SECURITY: Good security is essential – people must feel comfortable leaving their bikes and belongings. Electronic locks and swipe cards can be a great way to control who has access. CCTV coverage of the bike parking can also give extra piece of mind.
  • BIKE PARKING: A good mix of vertical and horizontal-style bike racks will enable the facility to cater for different types of bikes. Make sure the racks are sturdy and fixed well to the floor or wall. A roof can also help protect bikes from the elements.
  • LOCKERS: There should be at least one secure locker per bike rack. They need to be big enough to store spare clothes, bike helmets, shoes, toiletries etc.
  • SHOWERS AND CHANGING ROOMS – These should be clean and spacious with separate areas for males and females. Providing free toiletries and access to hairdryers and hair straighteners is a nice touch too.
  • TOWELS: A towel service is a fantastic extra. It also means the facility won’t be cluttered by towels hanging up to dry.
  • DRYING ROOM: A warm, well-ventilated drying room is great for both sweaty and rainy days.
  • BIKE REPAIR STAND: A stand with a floor pump and some basic tools can help sort out simple mechanical problems.
  • SPARES VENDING MACHINE: A vending machine stocked with essentials such as inner tubes, CO2 canisters and snacks can save the day.
  • BIKE MECHANIC: Regular visits by a mobile bike mechanic can help keep bikes running smoothly
  • WATER FOUNTAIN: A supply of cool water to keep drink bottles topped up.
  • CHARGING STATION: Dedicated bike racks that enable people to securely charge their electric bikes.

In Perth CBD, the weakening rental market has highlighted importance of providing high quality end-of-trip facilities to make buildings more attractive to prospective tenants.

Landlords and building managers have responded by developing some excellent new and upgraded end-of-trip facilities across the city.  The Bike Week team recently visited the end-of-trip facility at Parmelia House, St George’s Terrace. We were really impressed by the VIP frills! Check out the photos.

What are the end-of-trip facilities like where you work?

What else would you like to see?

The Your Move team at the Department of Transport hosted a workshop on improving workplace bike parking facilities. As part of the workshop we toured Parmelia House’s VIP facility. Your Move is a free, comprehensive personalised program providing information, materials and support to encourage individuals, workplaces, schools and communities to walk, bike and use public transport more often. To find out more go to