Swan River Ramble

The Swan River is a perfect place to walk, cycle, jog, picnic and play, so why not join Eric on
the Swan River Ramble and explore the area?

The Swan River Ramble is a marked path that uses the existing recreational shared path
around the Swan River. With help from a fictional character named Eric, the Swan River
Ramble is a fun way for children and families to enjoy all that the Swan River has to offer.

Eric is hiding at 14 different locations around the Swan River and to help you make the most
of these local treasures all you need to do is find Eric and use a QR reader (available for
download from your app store) to unlock information about the stop!

For your chance to win an iFly (indoor skydiving) voucher, visit the Swan River Ramble and
scan any Eric QR code between 17 March and 23 April 2017 for information on how to enter.

Please note the Swan River Ramble is unsupervised and you can complete at your leisure. There a few crossings across quiet roads and carparks, so please take care.

Where: Garvey Park, Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot, Western Australia, Australia (From Garvey Park to Windan Bridge to Sandy Beach Reserve)
When: 20th - 23rd April 2017
Time: Any time
Cost: Free!