Event organiser tips

Bike Week is fast approaching and we want to make sure your event is as good as it can possibly be.

To help you with your event, we have prepared some resources to make your event awesome.

Event Calendar

The Bike Week online events calendar showcases all of the events happening during Bike Week 2018. We encourage you to submit your event online at the calendar with the correct dates and details.

Head over to Register an Event and follow the prompts and register your event.

Logo Style Guide

All grand recipients are required to use the Department of Transport, WestCycle and BikeWeek WA logos.

Please refer to the logo style guide that will be sent.

Publicity and Promotion

Now is a great time to start thinking about marketing and promoting your Bike Week event!  We’ve prepared a useful guide to attracting public and/or media interest here.

Photo Consent

We have a photo consent form for you to use at events when taking photos, especially of children who are under 18.

Download the form below and have it at your events so you make sure everyone is ok with any photos come event day.

(Bike Week 2018 photo consent form)

Good Photo Guide

We are always looking for good quality, high resolution (the bigger the better!) photos to use to promote events in the lead up, during and after Bike Week so feel free to email us any suitable photos you might have. This is a great way to get extra promotion for your event and to also profile your organisation not only this year but possibly in years to come.

Below are some recommended tips to consider when taking photos.

  • Make sure all your riders are wearing visible helmets for photos.
  • It is preferred riders are wearing enclosed shoes, have a roadworthy bike with reflectors and lights, especially for night rides.
  • Riders should also be displaying correct and safe behaviour such as not riding more than two abreast on the road and single file on shared paths and footpaths.