Organiser Info

Acquittal Statement and Tax Invoice

Grant Recipients must provide a tax invoice for the full grant amount plus GST (if appropriate) to WestCycle via

Download an example tax invoice

The Acquittal Statement template will be made available at the end of February 2018

Event Evaluation Report

The event evaluation report will be made available at the end of February 2018

Participants Survey

At least 10 per cent of participants at each event must complete the official Bike Week Participants Survey. It is preferred that participants complete the form online using the following link:

The survey will be made available soon.

Grant Recipients may ask participants additional questions, but must include the questions from the official Bike Week Participants Survey. Copies of all paper surveys must be submitted with the Event Evaluation Report.

Sponsor Acknowledgements and Logos

Department of Transport, WestCycle and Bike Week logos must be included on all promotion materials (e.g. posters, flyers, signage, your own website, social media, merchandise etc.). Please refer to the Logo Style Guide that was sent to you with your Bike Week Grant Agreement.

Risk Management

Grant Recipients are required to complete a risk assessment in relation to your event prior to its implementation and preferably in the planning stages.

In the event that an incident occurs during your event, an incident report must be completed and provided to WestCycle with all other relevant documentation.

Download the Risk Assessment Guide

Register Your Event.

The Bike Week Calendar on the Bike Week website is the best tool to share and promote your event and is open to all bike events that fall during Bike Week.

You can register your event HERE.

We have prepared a handy guide to register your event HERE.