Not all heroes wear a cape, some ride a bike

Bike Week, WA’s annual celebration of riding for transport, is just around the corner. Join in the fun from Friday 17th March until Sunday 26th March as Western Australia celebrates the best of getting around on two wheels with over 40 events throughout the State.

Bike Week events, supported by the Department of Transport’s grant program, provide a fantastic opportunity for community groups, local governments and universities across regional and metropolitan Western Australia to promote the health and transport benefits of bike riding to everyone in the community. Bike Week offers something for everyone – from casual bike riders and commuters – to children, families and everyone in-between.

Someone who is far from in-between is local comedian and performer Famous Sharron.
Famous Sharron or ‘Shaz’, who is very famous for absolutely nothing at all, has penned a song that highlights the fun of riding a bike. Shaz sees Bike Week as a great opportunity to celebrate all bicycle riders, from mums, dads and families on short trips, through to the converted who ride every day.

Famous Sharron isn’t your typical bike rider and that’s why she is the perfect Bike Week ambassador. Her quirky performance, wit and humor are the perfect tool kit to change perceptions and behavior to get more people in Western Australia onto a bicycle.

“Like most Australians I started riding in my home street, as a toddler on a tricycle. I had my training wheels for a year longer than the other kids, and I kept the pink streamers on my bike for an extra decade. I still ride a bit like a toddler – very slowly and wanting everyone to look at me” says Famous Sharron.

Bike Week also shines a light on everyday bike riding heroes. There are so many great characters in the community who are giving riding a go, including Naomi Cutt, who rides twice a day while also being seven months pregnant.

“I’ve been riding for three years, it gives me more freedom than public transport as I don’t have to wait for a scheduled bus, plus I get to see lots of the outdoors. I ride twice a day, five times a week and just love being on my bike. I’m really looking forward to seeing lots of cyclists out during Bike Week and the free breakfasts are always great” said Ms Cutt.

Famous Sharron and everyday bike riding heroes like Naomi Cutt show anyone can ride a bike and experience the joys of cycling in Western Australia.

Famous Sharron has today released her new Bike Week song ‘Going Round’ which is sure to be a massive hit. Check it out here.

For a full list of all the great events taking place check out the Event Calendar.