Bike Citizens: Bike Week in your pocket

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Bike Citizens for Bike Week 2017. Bike Citizens smart phone app is the ideal companion for bike riders. The app is designed specifically for cyclists in cities, favouring cycle paths over main roads. Bike Citizens have mapped cities all around the world and the app helps riders find the best routes to make cycling event more convenient.

To celebrate Bike Week 2017, riders will have access to the Perth maps and other features of the app for free for the whole month of March (normally $6.90), features include:

  • Heat Mapping: this depicts the cycle traffic of a city over a given period of time. The more people riding their bikes and recording their trip with the Bike Citizens app, the greater the heat map spreads. Heat mapping is a fantastic medium to demonstrate the power of bike riding and its popularity in Western Australia.
  • #5minutesbybike: Have you ever wondered what you can achieve in just 5 minutes? Bike Citizens have taken this notion and put it into motion. With the #5minutesbybike feature you can see how far you can ride in 5, 10, 15 or even 30 minutes. This mini feature demonstrates how effective and convenient cycling is, particularly in dense areas like the Perth CBD.
  • Navigation: select a destination and the Bike Citizens app chooses the safest and fastest route to get you to your destination, you can explore your city and discover nooks you’ve never visited. Offline and with voice guidance.
  • Route Planning: you can plan your route as well online on your desktop and send it to your app on your smart phone.

Download the Bike Citizens app now via iTunes or Google Play. By recording all of your trips during Bike Week you can help demonstrate just how many people ride in our fantastic city!

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