Marketing and Publicity


Organising a Bike Week event? Contact WestCycle about listing your event on the Bike Week website.

WestCycle may also promote your event through print, radio, broadcast and online media outlets and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #BikeWeekWA. Be sure to use this hashtag in your social media posts.


Outside of the above, it’s up to you as to how you will go about attracting public and/or media interest in your event. Here are a few ideas:

Social Media

Social media platforms are becoming the marketing choice for getting the word out about upcoming events. Bike Week 2018 is using three different types of social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We’ve created some top tips to help you engage your target audience to help increase participation numbers at your event.

  • #BikeWeekWA hashtag

Use the official Bike Week hashtag #BikeWeekWA in all your social media posts.  This will allow us to view, share and comment on your posts.

  • Publish and share interesting / engaging posts

The more interesting / engaging the post is, more people will interact (share/ like) with it.

  • Use photos

Information is important but including a photo will engage the target audience

  •  Create a hashtag for your event

Create a hashtag for your event and encourage your target audience to add it to all their photos they take at your event. This will allow you to view and share their photos too. Remember to use #BikeWeekWA too!

  • Get your timing right

Work out when the best time to post is to maximise the number of people who will see it.  Look at your insights to find the times of your previous posts and the amount of reach they received.  Schedule your Bike Week posts for the most popular times of the day. Early mornings and late afternoon/early evening generally work well.

  • Keep Instagram simple

Avoid posting lots of information on Instagram. Instagram is a visual social media platform so engage your target audience by posting interesting photos.

  •  Language style

Use the same language style throughout all your social media platforms. Keep it simple and easy to read. Keep your tone of voice friendly and inviting.

  •  Respond to comments

Make sure you are responding to necessary comments and messages.

  • Ask your audience questions

Encourage interaction and help increase engagement by responding to comments. For example, “Who’s excited for #BikeWeekWA 2018?”.

  • Provide information about the event

Make sure your posts give clear information about the event (what, when, who, where etc).

Cross Promotion

If you know of any friends or colleagues who are also organising a Bike Week event it might be worth collaborating with them to do some cross promotion. Not only will pooling resources save you money, it will also increase public awareness of both of your events.