Event promotion tips

Register your event

Have you registered your event? Having all the events in one place on our website, helps us promote your event and helps the public find other events they might like to attend.

Even if you weren’t a Bike Week grant recipient, you still have time to register your event on our website HERE 


Once you have registered on the Bike Week website, we will use that information to create a Facebook event on the Bike Week Facebook page. To make best use of this:

  • Share the event to your networks (such as your local government, local bike clubs, bike shops etc).
  • Post any updates and important information about your event
  • Respond to any questions
  • Post teasers or reminders in the lead-up to your event including on the morning of your event (e.g. “coffee is almost ready for this years Bike Week Breakfast, see you at 7am”)

Check out Bike Week’s Facebook page and the events that have already registered HERE


Instagram can be a powerful promotion tool. If you would like us to post a promotional image of your event on instagram, either tag @BikeWeekWA from your instagram account or send us an email with a photo you’d like us to post to bikeweek@westcycle.org.au

Check out Bike Week’s instagram channel HERE

Print promotion

While social media is a great tool, sometimes old-fashioned flyers and posters can still be important to promote your event. Having posters in strategic areas will help promotion to the people most likely to attend your event. Why not drop flyers or posters in places where cyclists like to frequent, such as:

  • Your local bike shop
  • Local cafe that is popular with cyclists
  • The local park or bike rack

You can find your local bike shop HERE

Don’t be afraid to distribute posters to community groups, local government organisations and local bike clubs. These will be important networks for you to make your Bike Week event in future years.

Local Newspapers

This year we will sending media releases to your local media outlets informing them of Bike Week events in the different local areas. Another reason to get your Bike Week event submitted into the calendar as soon as you can.

If you have an interesting story that you will think will help promote your event and Bike Week, please let us know and we can help coordinate to ensure that the message get out into the community. 

Some examples of stories include:

  • Profile on someone who has recently learned to ride a bike and is now loving it
  • Profile on a rider who has been actively riding or commuting for a long time which has encouraged others to follow
  • If it is a school or children’s event, how children are getting on a bike and keeping active, fit and healthy
  • Interesting story on some of the features at your event

Please email bikeweek@westsycle.org.au

Promote Bike Week

By including the Bike Week website in all of your promotional material helps cross-promote and makes sure that all of the events are well attended and a great success.

Consider ending your promotions with the Bike Week website e.g. “For more information about Bike Week, please visit www.bikeweek.com.au