Registering your event on the Bike Week Calendar

Organising an event for Bike Week 2018? The Bike Week Calendar on the Bike Week website is the best tool to share and promote your event and is open to all bike events that fall during Bike Week. Not only will this create your own Bike Week event page, but we will also use this information to create a Bike Week Facebook event page for your event and in media releases promoting Bike Week. So it is important that you register your event!

You can register your event on the Bike Week website HERE. Go to the link and complete the form.

The following is a step-by-step guide to registering your event on the Bike Week website.

1. Contact Information: Contact details are important for when people want to find out more about your event. While we encourage you to engage with your participants through your Bike Week Facebook event page, there may be some people that don’t use Facebook and would like further information

2. Event Information This is the key information that will be displayed on the Bike Week calendar. Try and keep the title length to around six words and make it short and concise.  Please note that ‘Date of Event’ must be in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 16/03/2018. When entering the time of event, please write it in the “10.00am to 1.00pm” format to make it easy to read. If the event runs over multiple days and multiple times please write it in the Description of the Event section

3. Location of Event and Event Marker Location. When you get to the location and map, type your event’s address and press “search”. Once the search has found your event’s location, you will need to confirm this by clicking on the location so that a red marker appears, (see image one). The form also has a tab for additional location notes, in case you need to provide specific details on how to find or enter your event.

Image 1: Event Marker Location Map

4. Description of the Event. When entering the description of your event, keep it to less than 100 words. Try and keep the most important information in the first 30 words such as  the type of the event and what is happening (see image 2 and 3). Make your description short and succinct to provide all the important information and to get people excited for your event.


Image 2: Example Bike Week Calendar Tile (left) on mouse hover (right)

Image 3: Example Bike Week Event Page

5. Event Website or Event Facebook Page.  While we will provide you with a page on the Bike Week website and a Facebook event page on the Bike Week Facebook page, you are still welcome to use your own if your prefer.

6. Event Image The Bike Week calendar requires an image to create your event tile. Avoid predominantly white background images as the text on the calendar tile is white and will be difficult to see (see image 2) The minimum image size is 800×800 pixels and the photo must be no larger than two megabytes. You can use free internet tools such as Canva to create images in the correct sizing. This will allow you to match the photo with the website requirements, and create your own graphics.

7. Event Keyword. This is for search engine optimisation. We have provided you with some keywords, but feel free to add more if you wish. Please make sure you separate each keyword with a comma.

Once you have submitted your event, we will get a notification and review it. We will then put it on the website and create your Facebook event page. When we have set up your Bike Week Facebook event page, please let us know your Facebook account so we can make you a co-host so you can answer any questions from potential event-goers.

Look out for other tips to make your Bike Week event a success.